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About us

Our Mission

at Monarch Hospice and Palliative Care is to provide quintessential peace and dignity throughout the end-of-life journey. Our highly skilled team of professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our patients, their families and our colleagues in the communities we serve. Our holistic approach to hospice care focuses on the unique needs of each unit of care.

Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean.

David Searls

You can make a difference today!

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the change it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

Maya Angelou

Why Us

Our Values

We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to serving under a core set of values. We wish to establish a trust that allows our patients and families to find peace along the end of life journey.

Monarch's core values include:

  • Compassion
  • Trust
  • Presence
  • Peace
  • Hope

Our Services

Hospice Levels of Care

Hospice provides four levels of care that offer varying degrees of service associated with your individualized plan of care.

Each level of care covers the hospice team’s services, medications and equipment associated with your hospice diagnosis and plan of care.

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Routine Home Care

Services provided to you and your family wherever you call home.

Inpatient Care

Short term inpatient care for pain and symptom management at hospice approved and contracted facilities

Continuous Care

8-24 hours a day of in-home care provided when medically necessary on a short-term basis for pain and symptom management.

Respite Care

Occasionally utilized for caregiver relief, providing up to 5 days of respite services at hospice approved and contracted facilities.

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Please feel free to contact Monarch Hospice & Palliative Care for any questions you may have about hospice and how we can assist you and your loved ones.


Our Latest Stories

See what out clients are saying!

"The care and compassion I’ve witnessed from Monarch Hospice is exceptional. As a 30 year veteran in Healthcare it takes a lot to impress me. I’m impressed and would recommend Monarch Hospice without reservation."

Kristi Lewis

"Monarch went above and beyond for my Father in Law. I cannot say enough good things about the people that work here. You all went above and beyond for my family. Thank you."

Rachel Tittle

"Corey and his team at Monarch Hospice took excellent care of one of our residents here at our Assisted Living Community. The Monarch staff were very friendly and compassionate, always going above and beyond. Thank you!"

Linda Sawyer

"Corey and his team go above and beyond to meet the needs of their patients and their families. Thank you Monarch for all of your help!!"

David Kay

I had very little knowledge about hospice and no experience with it at all.   My husband came home after a surgery with complications and needed a lot of care.   I was his only caregiver until I met with Monarch Hospice.   I can not express the relief when I discovered what they were all about.   They were wonderfully accommodating,  compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and faithful in their assistance.   They not only lightened my load but became friends as well.   They were the “angels in disguise” described in Scripture and I could never praise or thank them enough.

Sherry Darrow

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